Year 7 T3 Dictations


Illustrated dictations for Year 7 Term 3.  There are 2 differentiated exercises for each week.  The first exercise has the spelling word missing in each sentence and can be used for testing.  The second exercise has space for the sentence to be written  out in full.  A teacher script is included.  See the Product Description below for more information.

  • Description


    There are three pages for each set of spelling words.  A teacher's script and two student dictation exercises are included.  These are linked to the spelling lists for Year 7 Term 3.  Different sentence types are used, eg statements, commands and questions (along with the relevant punctuation).

    Teachers read aloud the short sentence from the script.  In the first exercise the students write a single missing word in each sentence. This focuses on spelling in context.

    The second exercise is aligned with National Curriculum requirements Writing: Word Structure & Spelling 'write from memory simple sentences, dictated by the teacher, that include words and punctuation taught so far.'

    To make the exercises more fun, each dictation includes some illustrations relevant to the spellings.