Year 4 Resources

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Year 4 Resources

he spellings in these booklets are taken from the Revised 2014 final version English National Curriculum for Year 4.

The material has been carefully organized to reflect the progress of students over two years and to allow for revision of spellings from previous years.    The statutory-word lists for Years 3 and 4 have been shared between the two years and all will have been covered by the end of Year 4.

The booklets contain either 10 or 11 sets of weekly spellings which use the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method. They are available in a choice of print, a joined cursive or continuous cursive font to aid handwriting. The word puzzles are linked to each of the spellings and can be used as homework or extension activities for their reinforcement.  Dictations are also available and can be used as either dictation exercises or spelling tests.

The slideshow shows examples from the Year 4 term 2 set 1 spellings, word activities and dictation.











Set 1:  Homophone revision
Set 2:  Revision from previous years 1
Set 3:  Revision from previous years 2
Set 4:  Revision from previous years 3
Set 5:  Words containing ‘ch’ as /sh/
Set 6:  Words ending in ‘gue’ and ‘que’
Set 7:  Words with ‘sc’ as /s/
Set 8:  Words with ‘ei’, ‘eigh’ and ‘ey’ as /ay/
Set 9:  Possessive apostrophes
Set 10: Revision 

Set 1:  Homophones 1
Set 2:  Prefixes ‘mis’, ‘in’ and ‘dis’
Set 3:  Prefixes ‘im’, ‘il’ and ‘ir’
Set 4:  Homophones 2
Set 5:  Recommended Words list 1
Set 6:  Recommended Words list 2
Set 7:  Recommended Words list 3
Set 8:  Recommended Words list 4
Set 9:  Recommended Words list 5
Set 10: Revision 2 

Set 1:  Recommended Words list 6
Set 2:  Recommended Words list 7
Set 3:  Words containing ‘sion’ as /zhun/
Set 4:  Words ending in ‘ous’
Set 5:  Words ending in ‘ation’
Set 6:  Words ending in ‘tion’
Set 7:  Words ending with ‘ssion’ as /shun/
Set 8:  Words ending with ‘ssion’ and ‘sion’ as /shun/
Set 9:  Homophones 3
Set 10: Recommended Words list 8

Set 11:  Revision