Year 7



These spellings for Year 7 include commonly mis-spelt words plus spellings from the National Curriculum for Year 7. 

The booklets*Each file is in PDF format, and is approximately 180 KB. contain 10 weekly spellings, using the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method. Place the cursor over words marked with an asterisk* for more information. 

Spelling booklets are available, for a nominal fee, in the shop.  (For teachers or schools ordering for two form entry, please order 2 sets, for three or more form entry, please order 3 sets.)

The slideshow shows examples from the Year 7 term 1 set 1 spelling booklet and activity booklet.

  • spelling booklet cover

  • weekly spelling list

Expand the drop down boxes below to see a full list of weekly spelling sets included in each termly booklet.

Term 1 spelling lists

Sets 1- 10: Tricky words to spell


Term 2 spelling lists

Set 1: Phoneme /ai/
Set 2: Phoneme /ee/
Set 3: Phoneme /ie/
Set 4: Phoneme /oe/
Set 5: Phoneme /ue/
Set 6: Unstressed vowels 1
Set 7: Unstressed vowels 2
Set 8: Doubling consonants
Set 9: Words containing soft 'c'
Set 10:Plurals


Term 3 spelling lists

Set 1: plurals of words ending in ‘y’
Set 2: plurals of words ending in ‘fe’ or ‘f’
Set 3: plurals of words ending in ‘a’, ‘i’ ‘u’ or ‘o’
Set 4: odd plurals
Set 5: word endings ‘ic’ and ‘ary’
Set 6: word endings ‘ist’ and ‘ive’
Set 7: word endings ‘ly’, ‘ful’ and ‘less’
Set 8: endings for words ending in ‘y’
Set 9: modifying ‘e’
Set 10: word endings ‘able’ and ‘ible’


All 3 terms spelling and activity booklets together for ease of ordering.

all 3 terms booklets