Early Years Counting, Shapes and Numbers


Early Years Counting, Shapes and Number book containing activities to help with early numeracy.  (See below for full description.)


This early Numeracy booklet contains 20 activities.  They include, matching, sorting and counting. All the activities can be used to provide children with the opportunity to develop and improve their skills in counting, understanding and using numbers, calculating simple addition problems; and to describe shapes.

Match the shapes
Count the animals 1 to 5
Copy the numbers 1 to 10
Colour each shape a different colour
How many shapes?
Count the apples and fill in the missing numbers
Colour the Monsters and match the pairs
Colour the pirates and circle the one who is left
Circle the odd one out
Circle the odd one out on the line
How Many?
Draw the animals 1 to 5
Horses and carrots
Penguins and fish
Horses and apples
Draw these things in each box
Fill in the missing numbers for the dragons
Match the numbers on the sugar lumps
Draw the same number of sugar lumps in the boxes
1 more than