Primary School Spelling Booklets

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Weekly spelling booklets. These contain all the statutory words and spelling pattern words from the English National Curriculum. See below for a more detailed description.

Available in 3 font styles:


joined cursive

continuous cursive with a lead-in stroke

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joined cursive

Joined cursive

continuous cursive

Continuous cursive

Whole school sets of the spelling booklets, using the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method.  The booklets contain either ten (KS2) or twelve (KS1) weeks spellings which are taken from the final version of the National Curriculum for English. They are available in a variety of fonts, either print or a choice of joined cursive or continuous cursive with a lead-in stroke. There is also a document containing all the spellings used in the scheme, in list form.

Additional information

School type and size

Primary School 1 form entry, Primary School 2 form entry, Primary School 3 form entry

Terms covered

All 3 terms, Autumn term (T1), Spring term (T2), Summer term (T3)

Font style

print, joined cursive, continuous cursive