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Spellzoo has timesaving school spelling resources for teachers and parents, using the final version of the 2014 Primary English National Curriculum. There are free samples here.  All resources are downloadable only, for instant access. This is an overview of the weekly spellings used in the booklets.  There are 10 spellings each week, for Years 1 – 6 and 12 spellings for Year 7

  • Spelling booklets contain weekly spelling lists for each term and each class, from Years 1 to 6 (Primary) and Year 7 (Secondary). These use the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check method.
  • Each spelling booklet has an associated Word Puzzle booklet. These contain four different activities for each class, with dictionary definitions to help increase vocabulary.
  • High Frequency Word activities are now available here.
  • Phonics Word activities are now available here 

Explore Spellzoo by clicking on the animals in the map below or on the menu bar. Each animal is assigned to either a year group or subject. All booklets on the site are downloadable, some are free, others can be purchased from the shopNo minimum purchase necessary. Each purchase grants you a licence to make between one and thirty five copies of the resource.  If you require more than 35 copies of a resource, please use this page.  Spellzoo resources are now being used by teachers and students in International schools in Qatar, USA, Australia, Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Portugal, amongst others, as well as the UK. The 2014 spelling booklets have been completely revised and now contain different spellings for each week for Year 3 and 4; and Year 5 and 6. New weekly puzzles have also been added.
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