Phonics (oy, l, s, g, n)

There are three word activities for the sounds oy, l, s, g, n.  Each booklet contains 10 words for each sound, so there are 6 pages in each book.  There is also a page for students to write their own examples of interesting words and phrases to help increase their vocabulary and enhance their own writing.  

Set 1 contains Set 2 contains Set 3 contains
/oy/ (‘oi’, ‘oy’)
/l/ (‘le’, ‘ll’, ‘el’, ‘al’)
/s/ (‘se’, ‘ce’, ‘c’, ‘sc’, ‘ss’)
/g/ (‘gu’, ‘gue’, ‘gh‘)
/n/ (‘kn’, ‘gn’)

/oy/ (‘oi’, ‘oy‘)
/l/ (‘il’, ‘le’, ‘ll’)
/s/ (‘ce’, ‘c’, ‘sc’, ‘ss’)
/g/ (‘gu’, ‘gue’, ‘gh‘)
/n/ (‘kn’, gn’)

/oy/ (‘oi’, ‘oy‘)
/l/ (‘l’, ‘le’, ‘ll’)
/s/ (‘s’, ‘ce’, ‘sc’, ‘ss’)
/g/ (‘gu’, ‘gue’, ‘gh‘)
/n/ (‘kn’, ‘gn‘)

These puzzles provide Teachers or Parents with more flexibility for organising teaching and learning.   You can ‘Mix and Match’ the puzzles to provide differentiated activities; examples of particular puzzle strategies or just extra phonics practice.