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Phonics Bingo

These are picture and/or word bingo cards for 'oi', 'l', 's', 'g' and 'n', primarily aimed at KS2.  There are 3 different sets which use the words taken from the phonics activities.  They can be used as a five minute whole class activity; as a reinforcement/reminder of the sounds being used.  When used with a small group of pupils, the picture cards provide a stimulus for language, comprehension and vocabulary enrichment.


Set 1

1a has 9 pictures and words on each card (32 cards)
1b has 9 pictures only on each card (32 cards)
1c has 16 words only on each card (32 cards)
2a has 9 words on each card (32 cards) 
2b has 16 words only on each card (32 cards) 

3a has 9 words on each card (32 cards) 
3b has 16 words only on each card (32 cards)

All 3 sets
Purchase all three sets together at a discounted price.

Other suggestions 

  • Print onto card, cut out and laminate and mark with counters or whiteboard pens so as to be able to re-use the cards.
  • Use the picture cards and have the children spell the word on a whiteboard
  • Use the definitions on the calling sheet for children to match against the pictures and words, to help extend vocabulary.
  • Double up the cards and use for memory /matching games.