Phonics (er, ow, e, u, or, air)

There are three word activities for the vowel sounds er, ow, e, u, or and air.  Each booklet contains 10 words for each sound, so there are 6 pages in each book.  There is also a page for students to write their own examples of interesting words and phrases to help increase their vocabulary and enhance their own writing.  


Set 1 contains Set 2 contains Set 3 contains

/er/ (‘ir’, ‘or’, ‘ur’, ‘er‘)
/ow/ (‘ow‘, ‘ou‘)
/e/ (‘ai’, ‘ea’, ‘e’)
/u/ (‘o’, ‘u’, ‘ou‘‘)
/or/ (or’, ‘aw’, ‘al)
/air/ (‘are’, ‘ear’, ‘eir’, ‘ere‘)

/er/ (‘ir’, ‘er‘)
/ow/ (‘ow’, ‘ou‘)
/e/ (‘ai’, ‘ea’, ‘e‘)
/u/ (‘o’, ‘u’, ‘ou‘)
/or/ (‘au’, ‘augh’, ‘aw’, ‘or’)
/air/ (‘are’, ‘air’)

/er/ (‘or’, ‘ar’, ‘ea’, ‘our‘)
/ow/ (‘ow’, ‘ou’)
/e/ (‘ai’, ‘ea’, ‘e‘)
/u/ (‘o’, ‘u’, ‘ou‘)
/or/ (‘au’, ‘aw’, ‘or‘)
/air/ (‘are’, ‘eir’, ‘air’, ‘aire’, ‘ear‘)

These puzzles provide Teachers or Parents with more flexibility for organising teaching and learning.   You can ‘Mix and Match’ the puzzles to provide differentiated activities; examples of particular puzzle strategies or just extra phonics practice.