This site arose as a result of the introduction of the New English National Curriculum, which came into effect in 2014.  As a former teacher, whose previous spelling lists were available on an award-winning school website (created by me) I knew how many teachers and parents found them useful and time-saving.  Many school web-sites also still have links to the pages I created, which is very gratifying.

I have researched the spellings and followed the guidelines very strictly, providing age-related definitions for the words used in the spelling lists, which I think is an important part of learning to spell.  

The products for sale in the shop are designed for schools, individual teachers and parents. For other organisations who wish to distribute the resources please contact us for the best rates.

As a former teacher I believe that spelling, reading and writing need to begin with an understanding of Phonemic awarenessThe ability to hear and manipulate the smallest units of sound (phonemes) and phonics.The correspondence between sounds and the letters (graphemes) that represent them   My former spelling lists were used worldwide by thousands of teachers, on a previous website.

However, learning spelling patterns and rules can be seen as a chore, but with the right resources it can even be seen as a fun activity. Providing relevant and fun resources can be both time-consuming and expensive but the resources on this site have been specifically tailored for teachers and parents to use with primary school children.

The spelling booklets are arranged in Year by Year; and term by term order; and use the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check method. They are available, both in print and cursive font, as an aid to handwriting. The booklets  are based on the spellings from the New Primary Curriculum for English (2014). The four Word Puzzles are linked to each weekly spelling list, but all include an anagram and a sheet for students to write their own sentences, using the spelling words in context, helping with vocabulary extension.

There are also some grammatical term quick quizzes, which give practice in using the terms found in the new Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar tests at KS2.
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