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Single Booklets

There are ten different worksheets in each set of word puzzles linked to each week's spelling lists.  Provides extra practice for the weekly spelling lists.  Each booklet covers a term's work for the Year group. Available for KS2 students for all 3 terms.


  • Alphabetical Order - reinforces reading the spelling list and encourages dictionary skills.
  • Crossword - allows the student to practice spelling by correctly identifying a word from a clue and writing it into the grid.
  • Decode the word - the student practices the spellings by matching letters to numbers.
  • Magic Square - the student's comprehension and puzzle-solving skills are strengthened.
  • Matching words - reinforces the student's comprehension and writing abilities.
  • Multiple Choice - increases the student's understanding of the meaning of individual words. Improves vocabulary and encourages dictionary use.
  • Own Sentences - Students write their own sentences to show that they understand the word in context.
  • Word Jumbles - gives the student practice in reading, recalling and writing the spelling words.
  • Wordsearch - the student's recognition and recall of the words in the spelling list is improved. Familiarity with the spelling rule is increased and concentration is encouraged.
  • Word shapes - encourages students to look at the shape of the words and shows where letters are placed on the line.