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Spellings, word puzzles and dictations trial

infant 2 week trial

Infant school 2-week trial

 junior 2 week trial

Junior school 2-week trial

primary 2 week trial

Primary School 2-week trial

Trial the spellings, word puzzles and dictations free for two weeks.  They are taken from Term 1, weeks 1 and 2. See how the puzzles and dictations link to the weekly spellings. The spelling booklets here use a joined cursive font, but they are also available in print and a joined cursive font with lead-in stroke.

infant 2 week trial differentiated

Infant school 2-week trial differentiated

junior 2 week trial differentiated

Junior school 2-week trial differentiated

whole school 2 week trial

Primary school 2- week trial differentiated

The differentiated spellings and word puzzles are also available as a two-week trial. The weekly spellings still follow the English National Curriculum but have five words to learn, instead of ten, and space has been left for spellings from the student's own IEP or individual keyword list. The four simplified available activities are Word Shapes, Wordsearch, Word Jumbles (anagrams with definitions), and Own Sentences.