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Word jumbles for phonics pages

Phonics word puzzle booklets are now available.  The set 1 booklets contain mainly single-syllable words and sets 2 and 3 booklets contain polysyllabic words.  All the words include a dictionary definition.  They are designed to be used in conjunction with other phonics programmes and provide teachers or parents with more flexibility for organizing differentiation.

You can ‘Mix and Match’ the puzzles to provide:

  • differentiated activities
  • examples of particular puzzle strategies
  • extra phonics practice
  • vocabulary extension

The sounds included are:

sh, ch, th, wh, ck, ng, qu (2 sets only)

ay, ee, ie, oe, oo (as in igloo) and oo (as in good)

er, ow, e, u, or, and air

oy (oi, oy), l (il, el, le, al, ll), s (sc, sc, ce, c, ss, se),  g (gue, gu, gh), n (gn, kn)

 Click on the links to see more about each set of phonics books or order the free samples.

The entire phonics collection is available here