These downloadable products are designed for individual teachers and parents.  For schools or other organisations who wish to distribute the resources amongst classes please read the Terms and Conditions.  You may wish to use the school orders page.  Resources may not be used for commercial gain, as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

Prices are shown in pounds sterling, but International customers can order using the usual channels; then pay through PayPal, or BACS, using local currency. There is no VAT charged on any of the products.

Click on each thumbnail for a more detailed description of the product.  New resources will be added regularly.  Schools will receive the download links within one day, usually earlier, and will receive an invoice which allows up to 30 days to process payment.  All other customers will receive the links upon receipt of payment (which may take a few hours).  You may download the resources up to three times, but you can right-click on each file to save to your computer. Please be aware that if you preview the resources in a web browser, they will appear blurred, but they will display correctly in a PDF viewer, as they are meant to be printed.

If you experience any difficulty in placing orders; or have any other enquiries, please email Sue.

Sometimes the download links may be blocked by spam filters so please check spam/junk mail folders if they do not appear in the inbox.


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