Word Activities

Primary School Word Activities


Four different word activities linked to each of the weekly spellings. An answer key is also included. See the Product Description below for more information on the activities for each year.

  • Description


    School sets of photocopiable word puzzle booklets linked to the spellings from the English National Curriculum.  The booklets consist of 4 activities for each of the 10 weekly spelling lists  (12 weeks for Years 1 and 2). The booklets could be photocopied and reduced to A5 either as weekly tasks or printed out for the term.  Primary School dictionary definitions have been used for the puzzles.  All the booklets have Word Jumbles (anagrams) to help with spelling and a list of the spelling words, for the student to write their own sentences, to show that they have understood the word and can use it in context, encouraging dictionary use and for extending vocabulary.

    Year 1 

    • Word Shapes
    • Word Search

    Year 2

    • Alphabetical Order
    • Choose the Word (definitions)

    Year 3

    • Alphabetical Order
    • Word Matching (definitions)

    Year 4

    • Crack the Code
    • Match the Word (definitions)

    Year 5

    • Decode the Word
    • Magic Square

    Year 6

    • Decode the Word
    • Crossword


  • Additional information

    Additional information

    School type and size

    Primary School 1 form entry, Primary School 2 form entry, Primary School 3 form entry, Infant School 1 form entry, Infant School 2 form entry, Infant School 3 form entry, Junior School 1 form entry, Junior School 2 form entry, Junior School 3 form entry

    Terms covered

    All 3 terms, Autumn term (T1), Spring term (T2), Summer term (T3)