Times Tables Bingo


Free Bingo multiplication tables. Individual sets of tables from 2s to 10s, plus 3 sets of mixed tables.  There are 30 individual game boards for each set.



seven times table two to ten times table six to ten times table two to ten times tables tables tables
Examples of the playing boards (2 boards on each page)

Bingo cards for multiplication tables.  2 sets of 15 playing boards for each of the two to ten times tables, plus three sets of mixed tables. Set 1 has the multiplication sums on the playing board with the calling card providing the answer; and set 2 has the answer with the sum on the calling card. Can be used in small groups or as a whole class activity. There are 26 downloadable files altogether.

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Bingo times tables

2s – 5s bingo, 6s – 10s bingo, mixed tables bingo